Sunday, September 23, 2012

Show Debut: Young Event Horse competition for 4-year-olds

Briar Rose competed (with Julia Jesu) in the USEA Young Event Horse competition for 4-year-olds at Greystone Farm in Brookeville, Maryland. We are still working to put weight on her but nevertheless she showed very well!

We have had her less than 70 days. This was her:
  • First trailer ride away from here (she loaded, trailered, and unloaded like a true professional!)
  • First overnight at a show
  • First braids
  • First show
  • First dressage test
  • First time in an indoor arena (fantastic warmup!)

Her scores today:

Conformation: 7.17 (71.7%)

  • Type: 7.0
  • Frame: 7.0
  • Legs: 8.0
  • Feet: 7.0
  • Jog: 7.0
  • General impression: 7.0

Dressage: 6.98 (69.8%)

  • Walk: 6.8
  • Trot: 7.0
  • Canter: 7.1
  • Submissiveness: 7.0
  • General impression: 7.0
[Just for context, any score over 6.0 is considered "satisfactory".]

Jumping test: Withdrew (not quite ready for a dozen 2'11" obstacles out in a huge field, but we did get in some good cross-country schooling practice!)

Here is her first-ever dressage test:

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