Sunday, April 7, 2013

Thoroughbred Celebration

Yesterday we showed in Salisbury at the Thoroughbred Festival.  Briar Rose aka "Dizzy Lizzy" (Jockey Club name) made some major breakthroughs in staying focused on her job in a busy distracting environment and we had some great moments in warmup! She earned 7s on her medium walk and on her gaits in the collective marks.

Pretty darn good weekend for a young mare just turning 5 in 3 days and a little over a year away from the racetrack. Her excellent warmups didn't all transfer into the show ring, but that's okay, each show is just training for the next!

7th - Introductory Dressage A
3rd - Introductory Dressage B
4th - Introductory Dressage C

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